dermaplaneDermaplane treatments remove the micro-thin top layer of
skin – the pore-clogged layer that obstructs the penetration of your skin care products. Removal of this outer layer of dead skin cells and fine hair enhances the penetration of products and the results of your skin care regimen. Dermaplaning also prepares the skin for other aesthetic procedures such as Chemical Peels and PhotoFacials.

Dermaplane could benefit you by:

  • Removing that top-outer layer of obstructive skin
  • Erasing or minimizing acne scars and fine, small facial wrinkles
  • Preparing your skin for other procedures such as Chemical Peels or PhotoFacials
  • Improving the penetration of skin care products
  • Encouraging smooth, clear, undamaged skin to emerge
  • Producing immediate results with little to no downtime